Friday, 27 April 2012

Movie Review: The Avengers

Marvel has a lot riding on this film, not only is it a high budget blockbuster but it is also the conclusion of a story arc they have been showing audiences since 2008's 'Iron Man', luckily it payed off because believe me, 'The Avengers' is absolutely brilliant. The whole movie plays out perfectly with genuine laugh out loud comedy moments interspersed with an interesting story and colossal action.

The plot is quite easy to understand when simply told (a feat which the film has trouble attaining with it's slightly convoluted beginning). Thor's brother Loki has offered himself as a vanguard for an alien race who wish to conquer the universe (don't they always), the trickster god strikes a deal with the race who promise him Earth in exchange for his opening an inter dimensional gateway for them to invade. The only hope for humanity is that it's greatest heroes unite and prevent the threat of annihilation.

 Apparently nobody told Loki that supervillians don't have 'casual friday'  

The core of this movie is it's ensemble cast and they certainly don't disappoint, Robert Downey Jr is on the best form of his career delivering wisecracks at a steady rate and kicking serious ass as Iron man, RDJ is backed up by the likes of Chris Hemsworth who brings an authenticity to Thor that few others could have managed as well as surprisingly great comic timing and Jeremy Renner who embodies Hawkeye as the coolest guy to hold a bow since Legolas from 'Lord of the Rings'. An honourable mention must go to Mark Ruffalo who has (finally!) perfected the Hulk by having the beast form be a complete powerhouse yet not simply a brute and the Bruce Banner side be every bit as intriguing as the other characters in the story, a great idea for his method for controlling his monstrous alter-ego.

A standout scene of the movie which fulfils so many dreams of comic fans

Finally the effects in the movie are both plentiful and breath-taking (Take note Green Lantern 2), particularly a space explosion at the film's climax. Sadly however no effect or computer generated wizardry can match the wonder of Scarlett Johansson's leather clad posterior. 

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