Friday, 27 April 2012

First Post

As the inaugural post of Media Pancake I should probably lay out what exactly this blog will be about. First off there won't be any crap about my day or how I had a particularly tasty omelette, that stuff's for Facebook. I'm going to attempt to keep this blog focused on my thoughts about a few topics: Movies, TV and Gaming, the holy trinity. This will consist mainly of reviews, opinions and the occasional news item. Finally I feel that I should point out that any views expressed here are not fact (no matter what I may state) so don't take it too hard if I say that the Twilight series is liked exclusively by the mentally unhinged necrophiliacs of the world, which it is. Fact.


  1. Would you agree that Gary Oldman's performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was, most definitely, an Oscar-worthy performance?

  2. Absolutely, the scene where he relives his encounter with Karla was just about the best acted monologue I've ever seen.