Monday, 27 January 2014

Top 10: Best New TV Shows of 2013

Honourable Mention: The Michael J. Fox Show

A welcome return to television for Michael J. Fox in a show that sometimes struggles with what exactly it wants to be. Still, great writing and a talented cast make it one of the best new comedies around.

Honourable Mention: Da Vinci's Demons

An ambitious show that took quite a while to hit its stride, it looks set to improve as time goes on.

Honourable Mention: Dracula

An interesting take on the most famous vampire and a nuanced performance from Jonathan Rhys Meyers make 'Dracula' a series that has really grown on me. I only wish it wasn't as neutered for a family audience as it is.

10. Almost Human

A smart and focused police procedural with a futuristic shift. 'Almost Human' certainly doesn't break any new ground, but its sci-fi elements and solid story lines make it a fun show to watch.

9. Ray Donovan

A well acted but uncompelling series. 'Ray Donovan' has the recipe for a great show, all it needs is to do is iron out the kinks.

8. Vikings

An interesting historical saga from the creator of 'The Tudors'. 'Vikings' is often well shot and features some great writing but really sets itself apart with is its willingness to handle what 'Game of Thrones' often shies away from: battles. The action of the show draws you in but the intrigue of the character of Ragnar Lodbrok keeps you hooked.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A very smart and funny show that continually delivers laughs. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has gotten better and better since it started and with its recent acclaim at the Golden Globes its future looks bright.

6. Masters of Sex

A stylish period piece featuring great performances from Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan. Aside from the engaging performances it is the strong writing that drives 'Masters of Sex'.

5. The Blacklist

James Spader gives a fantastic performance in this drama about a notorious criminal who suddenly surrenders to the authorities. An evolving storyline gives Spader material to chew on whilst the case of the week formula is somehow fresher than ever.

4. The Following

A dark and chilling serial killer drama led by an on-form Kevin Bacon. 'The Following' builds strong characters and weaves twists as good as any horror movie without losing its rapid pace.

3. The Americans

A stunningly thrilling and tense drama set in the height of the Cold War. Thanks to its incredible leads and top notch writing 'The Americans' is one of the most exciting new television shows in years.

2. Hannibal

'Hannibal' is fantastic. It is a beautifully shot, flawlessly acted, and very dark drama that just happens to focus on one of fictions most famous serial killers.

1. Mob City

An astoundingly stylish mafia drama from the great Frank Darabont. 'Mob City' is among the finest that television has to offer thanks in large part to its incredible cast, snappy writing and evocative direction. An absolute must-watch.

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