Friday, 1 February 2013

The Best and Worst Movies of 2012

Okay so this is it, my most loved and most hated movies of 2012 including January 2013 since some movies that are really from 2012 actually came out in the UK early January.

Top 11 Movies of 2012

Sensational, the most fitting end to a perfect trilogy.

2. Looper

A sci-fi masterpiece. A thrilling story meets ingenious creativity to create one of the most original movies of the past 20 years.

3. Django Unchained

Hilarious, exhilarating and filled with some of the best performances in recent history. The greatest western there is.

4. Silver Linings Playbook

Not only one of the best dramas of recent years but also one of the most relevant. The intensely relatable characters are brought to life with the stunning performances from the 2 leads and Robert De Niro shines in his supporting role.

5. Les Miserables

The single-greatest example of turning a musical into a film. A masterpiece of an adaptation.


6. The Hunt

A frighteningly accurate depiction of the hysteria of the modern world, features a knockout performance from Mads Mikkelsen.

A blockbuster popcorn flick at its best, effortless to enjoy and impossible to not be charmed by. 

8. Life of Pi

Wonder seeps from every pore of this beautifully shot and unbelievably engaging film directed by the great Ang Lee. 

9. Argo

Incredible tension is created thanks to Affleck’s first-class direction and powerful supporting performances. 

10. Lincoln

A deeply compelling biopic of Abraham Lincoln featuring an astonishing performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as well as fine contributions from the film’s immensely talented supporting players. 

Gritty, stylish and one of the crime genre’s smartest movies.

(Honourable Mention) Magic Mike

A masterfully executed and hugely enjoyable movie, features a standout performance from Matthew McConaughey.

(Honourable Mention) The Raid

A brutal action-packed tornado of a movie that gives the action movie genre a much needed breath of fresh air.

(Honourable Mention) Skyfall

Returns James Bond to glory with a gripping delve into the psyche of 007. Javier Bardem steals the show with his magnificent performance as Raoul Silva. 

Worst 11 Movies of 2012

As awful an interpretation of the Snow White story as I would have thought possible, some visuals impress but not enough to call this anything other than a train wreck. 

2. Taken 2

A dreadful and unnecessary sequel that cannot be saved from the depths of mediocrity even by Liam Neeson. 

Bad scripting and woeful performances doom this to be a disgrace to the good name of Edgar Allen Poe. 

4. Great Expectations

A disappointing retelling of the classic tale, it has no real heart and is filled with dull performances.

5. Total Recall

Shoots high with its well executed action set pieces but lacks all of the originality and thrills of the original. 

An unfortunate cash-grab of a sequel that shames the reputation of its predecessors through its dated humour and hollow characters. 

7. Rock of Ages

Boring and cringe worthy, not the description desired for a rock musical. Some genuinely bad performances in this awful film drown in a script riddled with cheesey dialogue and laughably bad characters. 

A missed opportunity of delivering a fun and memorable Dr. Seuss tale, comes across as preachy and tedious. 

Some poorly written characters and dull jokes drag this film down to less than what it should have been, the formula was perfect but the result was vastly disappointing. 

Seems to hit all the right notes but lacks that certain something, wallows in cheesy plotting at times and makes the mistake of not placing enough attention on the character of Spider-Man. More of a disappointment than an all-out bad movie.

11. To Rome with Love

Woody Allen’s ode to Rome is not near the quality of his tribute to Paris, the film reeks of pretension and features flat jokes and some bland performances.

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