Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mini-Review: Devil May Cry: HD Collection

‘Devil May Cry’ is my favourite game series, even if I only actually like 2 out of the 4 games in the series. So naturally I was eagerly anticipating this HD collection despite the fact that it was no doubt released in order to capitalise on and spread awareness for the upcoming reboot ‘DMC’.

Rather than review each game in this collection I decided I would just focus on the HD collection aspect of the game.

I personally sort HD collections into 2 different categories based on their update. Category 1 is when the update shows significant graphical improvement and everything about the collection has been polished and improved. There aren’t many examples of category 1 since it is the better of the two so the only example that comes to mind is the ‘Sly Raccoon: HD Collection’ which features such a well designed update that you would swear it was a brand new title. I refer to category 2 as “adjusted for inflation” as the update here is not a dramatic improvement but rather it has been altered so that when played on a current generation console like the PS3 it seems just like it did back when it first came out, in contrast if you inserted the original into a PS3 you would notice the resolution would be off and the screen may be a little fuzzy. Category 2 cleans the graphics up in a way that they look just as they did but without any fuzziness or resolution problems. ‘Devil May Cry: HD Collection’ falls into the latter category.

The games are just as they were years ago and are still just as great to play, one of the main reasons I sought out this collection was so that I had a way to play these classic games on the current generation console (as PS3 has ceased support of older disc-based titles from past generations). The addition of trophies gives great motivation to complete every inch of the game and serves as a great reward for accomplishing some of the more difficult challenges of these still very tough games.

‘Devil May Cry: HD Collection’ is a great way to experience this classic series once more, and if you’ve never played them before now you have your opportunity. It may not be the greatest update but it does contain 2 of my favourite ever games and so definitely earns my approval.

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