Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini-Review: Prometheus

Prometheus features a great cast, great writers and a great director; all of these people come together to thankfully make a great movie full of suspense, intrigue and vision.

The crew has done an admirable job of creating a realistic (almost) depiction of the not too distant future as it chronicles the crew of the ship Prometheus in their quest to discover the origins of the human race. Written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof (the writer and co-creator of LOST) Prometheus has a highly intelligent script with a varied cast of characters and personalities who each bring their own beliefs and hang-ups to the story. The script does unfortunately do a bit of over explaining things to the audience whilst at other times neglecting to go into enough detail; these are minor qualms however, which only slightly corrupt this excellently written film.

The cast does a remarkable job in their roles; the lead Noomi Rapace (who some may remember as Lisbeth Salander from the original Swedish production of Steig Larssons ‘Millennium’ trilogy) delivers an intense performance as the very driven and troubled Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Honourable mentions must go to Idris Elba and Charlize Theron respectively who play smaller roles yet bring them to life all the same with their great talent. The standout in the cast however is Michael Fassbender who plays the android David. He portrays David with such sublime believability that he steals the show completely, David is instantly likable and fascinating yet dark and mysterious, thanks to Fassbender’s brilliance David remains this complex character throughout the story and I found myself unable to take my eyes off of his performance.

This is a truly enjoyable film and most certainly a sci-fi epic to go down with the best of the genre. If you’re at all a fan of the Alien films or even just of tense dramas then you will definitely enjoy Prometheus.

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